• Dam999, a collage of 9 concepts

DAM Disaster

DAM999 is a tribute to the lost souls of the world's worst man made dam disasters which claimed a toll of lives. Around 250,000 people died in 1975 Banqiao dam disaster in China. The collapse of this dam did not make it to the world for over 15 years. It was worse than what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. DAM999 spreads the message about the consequences of an unfortunate disaster which is predicted in the near future. Dam999, a fact worth waiting for.

Emotional Thriller

Suspense in the movie titles it as a thriller. DAM999 portrays the realities of life, some shared and some unshared. Navarasa or 9 human emotions are shown by 9 characters in the movie. Just as a Dam holds water, the 9 characters in the movie hold back their emotions, which eventually breaks out during a disaster drawing the audience to a gripping climax.


The foundation of astrology, considered as the pillars of influence on human beings. According to Hindu customs, the Navagraha are typically placed in a single square with the Sun (Surya) in the center and the other deities surrounding Surya. It is a mystical arrangement with lot of facts in it. The secrets of this unknown science will be revealed to the world through DAM999.


Navarasa is the essence of Dam999. It is the idea steering its story and the nine lead characters in it. Dam999 brings into play the long standing concept of Navarasa but in a way that is exceptionally original. The individuality of the characters is the element that each character is the personification of one rasa. Their nature, the intensity of their reactions, their strengths, their failings - all guided by the rasa they represent, which in turn shape the story of Dam999. This very factor makes the movie the only one of its kind ever made.

Mariner's movie

Life in the sea has always created a lot of inquisitiveness for a layman to know more about a mariners life and the marine world. 'DAM999' is an answer to all the questions which entices an individual who has never been to the sea. Vast Oceans conceal within them endless tales, some told and few untold. There are various moments of amazement, adventure and agony which are solely shared by a mariner who confronts the sea. 'DAM999' is an initiative to replicate these reflections on screen and portray it to the world.

Musical Movie

Music has always been considered as the rhythm of life. DAM999 will give the audience a feel of the 9 character with 9 assorted tunes. The concept of a musical movie will be redefined by DAM999.

Cultural Voyage

A culture rich country like India requires more than words, the reels of the movie will speak for the forgotten shades of India. The script of DAM999 makes sure that the rich heritage of the country doesn't go unnoticed.

Nine Forms of Lost Love

Love refers to a deep, ineffable feeling of tenderly care for another person. Many have written about the types of love but not many have explored the concept of lost love. DAM999 depicts the 9 forms of lost love through various sequences- Unexpressed Love,Sacrificed Love, Mistaken Love, love that was not returned, love Separated by fate, love unable to return, love that was expressed late, withdrawn Love, loving and realizing it cannot be fulfilled.


The movie sheds light on the magical healing power of Ayurveda - A lifestyle unknown to many. This method of treatment has proved its worth and cured many conceding them with health and a promising future. The movie sheds light on ayurvedic treatments of many diseases like Psoriasis , juvenile diabetes , paralysis and many more.