• Testimonials

Being the first movie from the mariners let us know what the professionals from marine industry has to say about DAM 999

Our corporation looks with great interest to this first Marine movie in our industry. I would like to wish Marine BizTV a lot of success.

Ad J.W. Bertens
Managing Director/ VP
Wartsila, Dubai
On behalf of Albwardy Marine Engineering may I wish that the film DAM 999 will be a huge success.

Hennoe Den Toom
Managing Director
Albwardy Marine Engineering
It is very exciting to hear that Marine Biz Television is going to produce DAM 999. The Goltens Organization wishes Marine Biz Television all the very best and good luck to this new film production.

Paul F. Friedberg
Goltens Worldwide Services
I believe we must never be afraid to try something new , after all amateurs build the ark and professionals build the Titanic. On behalf of the Ulstein, Middle East and larger maritime fraternity I wish DAM 999 good luck and much success.

Nikeel Idnani
Business Development Manager
Germanischer Lloyd