• Match Making and Horoscope in Hindu Society

India is the land of different religion and all these religions have their own rituals and practices. One of the important and surprising things that found in India is the match making system that prevailed among traditional Hindus. Horoscope is a very important ingredient of most Hindu family. They believe that horoscopes can foresee a man's future and can make it better by performing rituals and all.

Indian Hindu mythology revolves around Vedas , from where this astrology and horoscope is believed to be originated. In Hindu religion, every individual has a horoscope that is based mainly on the nine planets that revolve around our planet Erath. Is something true in this belief?

In India, people prefer arranged marriage. When a boy in a family reaches the age of marriage, his parents will start searching for a suitable girl. The girl should have all the qualities that they are looking for, most important is the horoscope. The horoscope of the girl and the boy should match. Even after that, there is lot of thing that the family considers. Some of them are that the girl should be from same religion, preferably same caste. Then the girl should be shorter than the boy is and lot more. If all these things match then only the boy is allowed to marry that girl.

Sometimes it may seem horrible for every one. But the interesting thing is, researches show that the things written in the horoscope seems to be somewhat the same that which happens in each individual's life. This made horoscope a member of Indian family.

The horoscope of each individual varied depending upon the position of nine planets on the day they are born and upon the planet position for their zodiac sign.

People outside India might be unaware of this system of marriage and will get surprised by hearing this, but this fact is true and it is still followed in the Hindu families of India.

The horoscope system that sounds to be an unpractical and foolish thing for others is the heart and soul of the Indian Hindu families.

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