SIR Sohan Roy Presents "DAM 999 - DJ nite"

After many years, two mariners return to homeland with the hope of a new beginning, little did they know about a disaster that would change their destiny.


A corrupt mayor builds a new dam for political gains and personal glory endangering millions of innocent lives; A mariner desperate to save his sister from evil; Two not-so-young lovers challenging destiny in a bid to unite; A woman on a mission to win her family back; A little boy battling a deadly disease; A devoted wife wants to be with her husband even in death; And the astrologer who has foreseen their ominous fate - Nine lives entwined by the impending disaster. Take the journey of a lifetime - Nine characters, Nine moods and a crumbling dam of emotions... DAM999 - experience it in 3D!

About The Movie

'DAM999 is a tribute to the 1975 Banqiao Dam disaster in china that claimed 250,000 innocent lives' . Based on the award winning Documetary ‘Dams- The Lethal Water Bombs’

Oscar Selections 2012 for DAM999 - ‘’Best Picture’’, ‘’Original Score”, ‘’Original Soundtracks’’ – ‘Dakkanaga’,’DAM999 Theme song’, ‘Mujhe Chodke’

Official selection at Golden Rooster awards 2012

'Very First Indian Movie to be qualified for the National film event of Mainland China'

A screenplay penned by Sohan Roy recently added to core collection of the Oscar Library.

Global Music Awards 2012 (GMA) - ‘Award of Excellence’ & ‘Award of Merit’ For Music & Original Score

The Debut Feature Film by Sohan Roy , the Director of Umpteen Award Winning Documentary ‘Dams – The Lethal Water Bombs’ & the mastermind behind Marine Biz TV - The World's first Global Maritime Television channel. The movie is a revelation of various Indian age old myths and scientific facts which were and still considered superstitious. DAM999 is the effort of 16 International & National award winners.

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