• Sync Sound in Indian Media

Have you ever thought about the benefits of Sync sound technique? You might wonder when hearing that there are many Indian movies already employed this technique very efficiently. This is a true fact unknown to many. Sync sound technique became the talk of the town only after Resul Pookutty won Oscar Award for Best Sound Mixing for Slumdog Millionare. Let us travel together through the world of sync sound technique.

Synchronized sound recording or sync sound refers to the recording of the sound at the time of shooting. This technique has been widely used in U S movies. Walt Disney in the movie, Steamboat Willie, first introduced this and soon it became the most popular sound recording method in Hollywood and European cinema.

But that was not the common practice then in Indian Film Industry. Bollywood film industry was used to the technique of dubbing of sound at the post-production stage of a film. But slowly the use of Sync Sound crept into film production processes in India. The rise of eminent sound engineers like Resul Pookutty and Baylon Fonseca, took great efforts to change the then prevailing situation. Thus, the attractiveness of this technique has increased in recent times with development of in-film techniques and instrumentations like Arri Blimp camera. Blockbuster movies like Lagan, Dil Chahta Hai, Jodhaa Akbar, Rock On etc were noted for the use of sync sound technique. People began to like it because it is more real and natural.

Now, the techy-savvy movie lovers around the globe is impatiently waiting for the release of DAM999, the first Hollywood movie by mariners, which has used the most modern technologies in sync sound recording. Director, Sohan Roy relied on renowned sound designer, Amala Popuri for this herculean task of sound recording in his dream project. Amala Popuri joined the film industry after her course from FTII in Sound Recording and Sound Engineering is the sync sound expert of DAM999 location. "Sync sound is very critical as there will be noise and disturbance on the set, where we manage through critical lock ups" says Popuri. "It is very critical to get the right intonation and feeling while recording" she adds.

In India, the standards of technical excellence in cinema are quite at par with international standards. Latest equipments like DEVA 10 track hard disk recorder, 8 channel Mixer, input mikes, wireless mikes and boom mikes are used in for DAM999 to meet the quality. "DAM999 has critical situation of rain and wind where sync sound tends to be very much critical which would be overcome by using special equipments like rain resistant mikes and transistors" says Amala Popuri.

Thus DAM999 comes on screen with sync sound technique which will make it unique. "The movie has got beautiful locations and there are specific things on Kerala and the Mariners life which made me to take up this project. The script is very honest and honesty always works wonders" says Amala Popuri in her interview with DAM999 team.