• Suresh Pai

Suresh Pai is a two-time National award winner in film editing in for movies Snip!(2000) and Page 3 (2005). He completed his education in film editing from the Film and television Institute of India (FTTI), Pune and within a short span has developed as one of the best film editors in Indian film industry. His most important works so far are Everybody Says I'm Fine! (2001), Leela (2002), Raghu Romeo (2003), Jhankar Beats (2003), Home Delivery (2005), Mixed Doubles (2006), Bheja Fry (2007), Mithya (2008), Mohandas (2009) and Aladin (2009).

The theatres in his hometown, Calicut made great influences on his enviable career. "Though Calicut might seem an obscure place for nurturing dreams of being a filmmaker, it did have quite a few movie theatres", Suresh begins. "One of them - the Crown showed only Hollywood films, mostly classics. I remember watching Laurel and Hardy (I knew the characters because their comics were available), some Chaplin films (though I was too young to know who he was), which I distinctly remember enjoying and even a Dracula film - most of which I missed because I was cringing in my seat with eyes shut and hands tightly clapped over my ears. Going into my teens, I remember thoroughly enjoying films ranging from The Guns of Navarone, From Here to Eternity, the Airport series, Bruce Lee, James Bond, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin etc. I remember even seeing Pauline a la Plage there, though I had no clue about International cinema then", he shared the memories of days in a rare interview with Those days helped Suresh Pai to learn the language of films and played a great role in molding his skills to be an editor.

After graduating from the FTII in 1994, he started working as assistants to seniors like Renu Saluja, Javed Sayyed and Aseem Sinha. For a short period, he also worked with Plus ChanneI. Suresh Pai considers Aseem Sinha as his greatest mentor and associated him in films like - Aar ya Paar, Shesha Drushti, Darmiyaan and Ruyi ka Boj besides the serial, Reporter. He worked with him for 4 years and called for that experience as doing a post-diploma course in editing.

Later Suresh Pai started working independently and got his first break through in film industry, Snip!, directed by Sunhil Sippy. He won national award for it. He has never had to look back since. He got his second national award for his exceptional editing in the movie, Page 3, directed by Madhur Bhandarkar. Now He is eagerly looking at giving his best to the editing of his first Hollywood movie, DAM999.