• Snake Bite - Are Snakes Really Dangerous?

All snakes are usually considered as venomous. Why do we not accept the truth that most of the snakes are non venomous. Snakes are cold blooded animals and are found in land, sea, grass lands, deserts, in short everywhere.

Snake bite as the name says is an injury caused from the bite of a snake. Snakes bite as defensive way to escape from other animals or human beings or to hunt their prey. Venomous snakes are found in all continents except Antarctica. Varieties of snakes are found in different parts of the world.

The result of a snake bite depends on number of factors like species of snake, area of body bitten; the amounts of venom injected and so on. The non venomous snake's bite can also cause injury due to the wound caused by the teeth of the snake.

Doctors advice the patient not to panic as it may increase the blood pressure. Nowadays medical science has progressed a lot that a snake bite is considered as a simple thing. In Ancient times death rates due to snakebite were large. A snakebite even if it is from a non venomous snake it should be treated as it may also cause severe injury to the victim.

Most snake bite will cause some effect like minor pain or redness of the injured area. Cobras and vipers are highly venomous and will cause extreme pain and are considered as very harmful and need extreme care and treatment.

Usually the exposed parts like arms or legs are the area where snake bite. It is good if one can identify the snake, if so the treatment will be easy as this varies for each species. Usually Rattlesnake, Copperhead, Cottonmouth Water Moccasin, and Coral Snake are considered as poisonous ones.

While camping at night it is better to use a torch light or any other source of light. Consulting a doctor is advisable rather than self medication when bitten by a snake irrespective whether it is venomous or non-venomous.

Simple Ayurvedic treatments for snake bites are yet to be known to the world. The treatment may vary depending upon the species of snake. Several herbs are available in nature which are made use of, that has proved to be more effective than the modern medicines. Some of these treatment methodologies are shown in the movie DAM999, the movie with a purpose. The magical curing of ayurveda and answers to many ailments is showcased in the movie. Here's your chance to give hope to the unfortunate ones in the world, so do share this message.