• Sea, World of a Mariner

For majority, sea is just a large body of salt water expanded to horizon. But for a mariner, sea is a world of wonders and amusements. It is his world and sometimes his paradise.

Have you ever thought how a mariner manages his personal life together with the professional one? Have you ever thought how he manages to spend most of his time in the sea?

The mystic nature of a mariner's life always created inquisitiveness to know more and more about his life and experience. A mariner spends his life mostly in the sea and the rest in the land. He still manages his personal and professional life. After being in the sea, he returns to his home for a vacation period. He will be the one who knows sea to the most extend. A mariner knows all aspects of the sea. He is the one who knows the feelings and emotions of the sea. Sea is never a factor of fear or threat or failure for a mariner. Most part of his life is in the sea that rocks him in her salty arms and thus he knows the endless immensity of her love towards him. A mariner is the better one in the world who can define a sea.

A mariner's life is said to be of adventurous one. A mariner is said to be the one without any fear. For us if land is our world, for a mariner it is the world of water. Sea is sometimes his mother, his intimate friend or at times his sister and his lover. Sea is the one who knows the heart throb of a mariner. She knows his dreams, love and lot more. He will be having many experiences in the water world. The mariner keeps on sailing through different sea routes, which might not be familiar one for them.

We fight with the traffic and pollution and they fight with the violent sea in their journey. It is hard for a sailor to fight back for his survival with the one who knows him the most but to continue his journey and life he has to fight back in the adverse conditions. A mariner's life is completely an adventurous one. While fighting with the waves and the oceanic creatures the only thing that gives courage to him is his native and his family whose prayers are always with him. The hope to meet his family again after the sailing gives him the courage to fight with the sea and stay there.

A mariner sometimes feel that sea is a world of mystery. Its feelings and emotions keeps on changing like that of human beings. A mariner can easily understand the changes that appear in the sea. A mariner knows that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore. A mariner's world is said to be the sea and he knows with out it he is nothing. He cries aloud to the sea. He finds his romantic world in the sea. He built his dreams in the sea. For him the world is sea.

DAM999 movie shows on screen the unseen beauty of the maritime world. The movie also portrays the life of a mariner with its full essence through the characters Captain Frederick Brown (Joshua Fredric Smith) and Vinay (Vinay Rai).