• Pirate Attack

With ever increasing poverty, political anarchy in their mainland and lack of opportunity for the young citizens of Poverty stricken Somalia have driven them into crimes ranging from Drug Peddling, Arms Smuggling and other organized crimes like Piracy. Being a crucial Sea Passage between Atlantic and Indian Ocean, the African Coasts provide a good haven for these Sea Rogues.

With Hijacking commercial as well as passenger liners in their agenda, these pirates have proven to be the most menacing in the contemporary times. Armed with AK 56 and 47 rifles and Bazooka Launchers, it is understood that they are well funded politically charged entities. Compared with the more blood shed Terrorism, this seems to be a more humane way of earning money for these poverty youngsters. Reports suggests that children as young as 9 years work for this group pointing to the dangerous trend and International Intervention in the matter.

While dealing with them tactically, certain troops like the Dutch have failed while the US Marines were able to lead a small victory. The War is not over yet as the area to be kept in Vigil is a Vast expanse and no one can ever predict were the next attack could be.

Rather an international cooperation and consensus to help eradicate the root cause, i.e. poverty and under development of polity in the motherland (mainland Somalia) could help not only the victims of Piracy but also the Pirates from being one.

The Contemporary Piracy has witnessed the most modern equipments and vessels at play. According to International Maritime Bureau about 300 acts of piracy and Sea Hijacks were reported till 1999. Time Magazine reports; " .....modern pirates operate differently depending on geographic location. Arabian Sea pirates use the most modern weapons while West Africans use knives and dugout canoes."