• Pattanam Rasheed

Human body is a canvas for Pattanam Rasheed. He does wonders on it. Pattanam Rasheed has turned Kamal Hassan into an elderly woman in Chachi 420 (Hindi Block buster) and has made Dileep into a buck-toothed hunchback in Kunjikoonan (Malayalam block buster). With a number of awards in his kitty, Pattanam Rasheed is keeping his finger crossed for the Oscar bidding project DAM999. He hails from a musical family. His brother, who was associated with amateur drama troupes, opened the world of make-up to him. Starting off as an assistant to several make-up artists, he got his break in Navodaya�s Onnu Muthal Poojayam Vare.

Pattanam Rasheed is a National Award winning make-up artist. He has won the honors in 2007 for gracefully ageing Mohanlal in Paradesi(Malayalm movie). Rasheed has also won several Kerala State Awards for his unbeatable skills in the field of make-up. He has worked on Ismail Merchant�s Cotton Mary which saw him working with Hollywood professionals. According to Pattanam Rasheed, the art of applying make-up is a never-ending learning process. In order to keep himself updated on the state-of-the art technologies in the industry, this great artist often accepts assignments which offer him a chance to work with other public performers from far across the globe. Pattanam Rasheed believes that an artist is his own worst critic. He believes that despite all attempts to make a 100 percent perfect look, there will be a minus one somewhere.

Pattanam Rasheed has created on screen magic for DAM999. The stars of DAM999 were adorned with right makeup effects for the audience to feel the character of the script. No matter whether it is a disaster or a rough sequence, the man behind the potential of the actor or the way he is presented on the camera totally depends on the makeup artist. With him being a part of DAM999,on screen reality needn�t be spoken about.