• Ouseppachan

How music, the most abstract of all arts, works as an essential element in creating the cinematic language? The answer is simple: music is an aid in deciphering the visuals for the viewers; and to create and control the emotional outcome of a particular scene or sequence in the movie. The outstanding ability to carry out this role makes Ouseppachan one of the most favorite musicians for several eminent directors in Indian film industry. He has proved this faith right by winning National award, Filmfare awards and Kerala state film awards for the best music director for various films. As DAM999 is a movie with great importance to music, Sohan Roy had no second thought when inviting Ouseppachan for setting tunes for the film.

Ouseppachan was born on 13 September 1954 in Thrissur district of Kerala state. His beginning was humble, and initially he worked as a violinist with some music troupes in Kerala. Attracted by his brilliance in playing violin, renowned singer Madhuri invited him to join her in concerts. Thus, his talent came to notice of the legendary music composer Devarajan Master. Devarajan asked him to join his troupe, and thus came the real decisive moment in his life.

Gradually he became an independent music director. As a music composer, he got his break in the movie, Kathodu Kathoram directed by Bharathan. The surprising success of Kathodu Kathoram made him a notable figure in the film industry. People began to love the uniqueness and magical touch of violin in his music. Afterward, he has composed music for more than 60 films till date. Ouseppachan won National award for Best Music Director in the year 2007 for the film Ore Kadal. He also won Kerala State Film Award and many other famous prizes in his enviable career. Now, through DAM999, this wizard has waved his wand to elate the spirits of music devotees all over the world.