• National Award Winners from Kerala in DAM999

Sohan Roy was very keen on forming the legion with the best people from the film industry when embarked on his dream voyage, DAM999. His steadfastness and craving for perfection has helped him to get the service of a vibrant troop of artists and technicians who are all set to fly the flag of India all over the world. The crew of this first Hollywood project by Mariners is elegant in all departments of film production, as this group is copious with extremely talented and adored National Award winners. Many of them are from Kerala, the native state of Sohan Roy.

Pattanam Rasheed

He is the one who redefined the artistry of makeup in Indian film industry. This prodigy from the celebrated artistic fraternity in Kerala has made his mark in Indian cinema with his exceptional grit to innovate and experiment. Therefore, Rasheed is called the trailblazer who lifted the Indian art of makeup to international standards. The nation venerated this wizard by presenting him National award for the best makeup artist in 2007. Rasheed also won several Kerala state awards for his commendable talent. Film buffs in Kerala are now eagerly waiting for hearing the praises pouring upon this maestro from the whole world for his work in DAM999.


How music, the most abstract of all arts, works as an essential element in creating the cinematic language? The answer is simple: music is an aid in deciphering the visuals for the viewers; and it also creates and controls the emotional outcome of a particular scene or sequence in the movie. The outstanding ability to carry out this role makes Ouseppachan one of the most favorite musicians for several eminent directors in Indian film industry. He has proved this faith right by winning National award, Filmfare awards and Kerala state film awards for the best music director for various films. As DAM999 is a movie with great importance to music, Sohan Roy had no second thought when inviting Ouseppachan for setting tunes for the film.

K S Chithra

The music lovers in India are at the peak of excitement as DAM999 is gearing up to hit the box office at the end of this year. The reason for them to cheer about is that through this Hollywood movie their most favourite singer, K.S. Chithra is all set to transcend all boundaries and conquer the hearts of music lovers around the world. K.S. Chithra, the Nightingale of South India, Indian film music history, with her uniquely magnificent way of singing. This velvet voiced singer was honoured by Nation 6 times with the National Award for best female playback singer. She has sung for Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Hindi, Assamese, and Bengali films for more than two decades. Chithra was presented with Padma Shri in the year 2005 for her commendable contributions to music and Indian cinema.

P. Jayachandran

In an emotional thriller like DAM999, music has a great part to play in creating the gist of the story. No other name came to the mind of Sohan Roy, except P. Jayachandran, while hearing the melodious tunes composed by Ouseppachan. Of course, we don't have many singers with a talent of Jayachandran in channelizing the emotional energy and spirit of the music to the audience. The mellifluous voice of this veteran singer has been enthralling the hearts of music lovers for decades and remaining as an icon of Southern Indian film music. The legend won an award for the best play back singer of India and several Kerala and Tamil Nadu state awards in his long estimable career.

S B Satheesh

One of the main challenges in the making of DAM999 is the costume designing of nine central characters personifying Navarasa, the nine different emotions. As each emotion has its corresponding colour, the characters should be dressed in the colours that symbolize their emotions. However, to a costume designer of S.B. Satheesh's rank, this demanding task was just a piece of cake. He designed an exhilarating Navarasa collection for DAM999. Satheesh is now considered as one of the most gifted costume designers in India. He won the National Award in 2007 for his scintillating costume designing in the Malayalam movie 'Daya'. Apart from being a National award winner, he also won Kerala state awards thrice.