• Media Testimonials
  " The film is expected to reopen the debate over the potentially catastrophic consequences of a breach in one of the world's many ageing dams."
Ramola Badam, The National, UAE
  " It has a huge star cast and talented technicians "
V Lakshmi, Times of India, 26-02-2010
  " The thriller is an attempt to highlight the unseen beauty of the maritime world "
The Maritime Executive, 01-06-2010
  " Sohan Roy is all set to entertain the world with this international Project "
ANI, 14-10-2009
  " When a group of Mariners are come to together to make a movie, expectations are bound to be high "
Renu Vaidyanathan, The Week, 28-02-2010
  " The movie will pay tribute to the lost souls in the 1975 Banquio Dam Disaster "
Sankaran Malini, The New Indian Express, 14-07-2010
  " The Movie raises environmental issues that are caused by the construction of a dam and how it affects the inhabitants in that area "
IMDB News, 09-09-10