• Maritime life through the lens of a modern mariner

Have you ever thought of seeing a maritime life through the camera eyes of a modern mariner? Lots of movies based on maritime life have been released but DAM999 will surely be a step ahead of all those as this movie is from a mariner, Sohan Roy. His experiences with maritime life make this movie special and unique in its own way.

Mariners always told us some or the other stories. The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge told us about Albatross. Similarly the mariners always come with interesting stories and myths regarding the sea. In the same way now a group of mariners are coming with their Hollywood project. Dam999, the first Hollywood movie made by mariners, is the talk of the town. The movie is directed by Sohan Roy and produced by BizTV Network.

The cast and crew launch was held on 10th January 2010 in Kochi together with a colorful fashion show. The plot is loosely based on a dilapidated dam built during the colonial rule. The central edifice of the movie is this dam. The movie has nine characters, nine moods and a dam of emotions, says Sohan Roy, a naval architect and director of the movie.

The story was inspired by the collapse of the Banqiao dam in China in 1975, which led to the collapse of 61 reservoirs, killing about 2,00,000 people. Similarly there are lots of dams all over the world which are outdated. These dams may collapse at any point of time taking away the lives of millions. Roy tells the story by providing the fact and thereby warns the audience about an upcoming disaster.

The movie shows all aspects of a maritime life. Many veteran directors have showed various aspects of maritime life on screen but no one has portrayed everything about maritime life. Sohan Roy is trying to do this, which was unknown to the world.

The movie has nine characters including a Captain. It is through this captain and his life, Sohan Roy tells the audience about the maritime life, its beauty, and also the true essence of a mariner's life. The movie is thus from a mariner and who else can better portray the maritime life? The movie will reach the audience by the end of this year.