• Nine Forms of Lost Love

Love refers to a deep, ineffable feeling of tenderly care for another person. It encompasses a wealth of different feelings, from passionate intimacy of romantic love to the emotional closeness of platonic love to the profound oneness or devotion of religious love. There are 3 forms of love Eros, Philos, Agape. Many have written about the types of love but not many have explored the concept of lost love. In our eyes there are 9 forms of lost love.

1. Unexpressed Love

Here the feelings of the lovers are left unreciprocated. Both the partners nurture the same feelings for themselves in their hearts but are afraid to express it either for the fear of loosing each other or for the fear of being rejected.

2. Love that was not returned

Love is what you give but you receive none from the other, it can be denoted as a one sided love which is bound to leave you anytime. You can only wistfully stare at it knowing fully that it can never be yours.

3. Love unable to return

This type of lost love can depend upon certain factors and situations. You might be deeply in love with a person but the situations prevailing around you might not be favorable for you to return or convey the feelings you have for the other person or even reciprocate the true feelings you have. The person has to suppress his strong feelings for certain foreseen situations

4. Mistaken Love

This form is often termed as 'Misconstrue'. Here one person tends to misinterpret the other persons closeness or intimacy as love.

5. Love that was expressed late

Certain times it happens in life that you are unable to express your feelings to the person whom you love sometimes knowing that the other person cherishes the same feelings you have or sometimes unknowingly and unconditionally. You fail to gather the courage to declare your love and finally you get it, it's too late and your love is lost forever ever.

7. Sacrificed Love

Sacrificed love is known as the most pure form of love where you forfeit your love for the happiness and well being of the one you love.

8. Withdrawn Love

You love a person unconditionally but finally the other withdraws his love for you. It might be due to the circumstances or the fear of the other person to loose the ones he/she loves the most in his/her life.

9. Loving and realizing it cannot be fulfilled

Loving someone and being loved in return is a blessing. Sometimes we tend to love the other so madly and deeply conscious of the fact that they will never be a part of our life ever. The love will be lost but still the madness prevails and the love never dies irrespective of the consequences.