• Indian Women - A Token of Sacrifice

Indian women can always be shown as an example of sacrifice. In the ancient and medieval times, Indian women were not even considered as human beings. They were treated so badly by the society. Medieval Indian women and her sufferings are known to the whole world like an open book.

Medieval India witnessed women sacrificing her life for her dear ones. This was always considered as a holy thing by the Indian society. In medieval period, a system called Sati prevailed in the Indian society. A widow was supposed to jump into the funeral of her husband, as life after husband's death was miserable in India. The widow who jumps into the funeral is considered to reach heaven.

Even child marriage was prominent in India during that period. Girls were made to marry by the age of 8 or 10. Child marriage made the health of the girl weak. Another custom that prevailed in the society was Jauhar. This system was followed in the Rajput families. When the Rajput people become sure that, they will be defeated in the war, women community of the particular area will burn themselves until death. During this period girls were not given proper education especially in the Hindu community. The Devadasi system was prominent in Southern parts of India during this period. Devadasi system means a girl from the Hindu family was dedicated completely to temples and they were supposed to sing, worship and dance in the temple.

Even in this modern age, Indian women are facing lot of problems. In India, majority of women are not given the power to take their own decisions. Even if it is her life, her family decides what should be done. She should get permission from the male members in the family before doing anything. Next serious issue is the Dowry system. If a girl brings large amount of gold, money or whatever it is, she is respected in the family. This system still prevails in many parts of India. Mistreatment is another issue in India. This not only happens in the remote areas of India but also in the cities. A woman is not safe anywhere whether it be at her home or workplace. It is said that every hour a woman is raped in India. Another serious problem is that when a woman is pregnant and she gives birth to a girl child, then the baby is killed. The birth of a girl is considered as a burden in many families of India.

In India, woman always sacrifices her life for some or the other reason. Does this make Indian women special? It is peak time for women all over India to protest against these cruel practices. It is their life and they have the freedom to live it according to their wish. Then why should there be a different set of rules for women in Indian families. Let the women also enjoy the same rules that men do.

A typical Indian woman is been portrayed in the movie DAM999 by Vimala Raman through the character Meera who is an embodiment of Karuna rasa (kind-heartedness).