• DAM999 Researches

DAM999 is a dream come true to Sohan Roy, the master brain behind Marine BizTv - the world's first global maritime channel. He, with a devoted team, spent more than 3 years to develop the basic thread of a concept into a wonderful movie, which is all set to release in theatres at the end of this year. The first thought on the subject of DAM999 hit his mind, when once going through the reports on the 1975 Banqiao dam disaster in China. The collapse of that mammoth dam caused the deaths of more than 250,000 souls and devoured a land, which a civilization constructed taking hundreds of years. As his interest grew over this incident, he began to search more knowledge on the fatal impacts that dams had on human life and environment. He was shocked, when he found that there were hundreds of deteriorating dams in the world were on the verge of imminent collapse. The lack of concern over this matter from the part of authorities is making the situation more dangerous.

To gather maximum understanding of this most vital element of DAM999, Roy and his teammates toiled all day and night for a long period. This hard work finally gave the fruit as when the central edifice of DAM999 roused up in his mind as the picture of a hundred-year old dilapidated dam built during pre-independence era in Indian history. It was really a challenging task for the team to find out the details and history regarding the dam and also the after effects of the dam disaster. They gave utmost care for not missing any single important element that might cause a dam to fall down. They even calculated the pressure by which water might flow out to destroy a dam of that strength and the aftereffects like how many square feet area would be swallowed, what would be the major calamities caused by it and lot more.

As a mariner himself, Sohan Roy is putting an effort to unveil the bond of love between man and ocean through DAM999. Sohan Roy also has made the truest of all attempts ever made to draw the world's attention towards the riches of India and wipe out the illusions on Indian reality through DAM999. He is trying to lighten up the great Indian heritages like Ayurveda, the holistic science for healthy life and Natya Sasthra, the ultimate code that deciphers the baffling language of the art of acting. DAM999 highlights the importance of the Indian concept of Family, the foundation of this one of the most mystic cultures in the world; and above all the greatness of 'love' that fortifies the diversified Indian civilization. DAM999, concerning any aspect, is not an ordinary Hollywood movie, when most others falling into this genre exaggerated the trifling drawbacks instead of painting a lucid picture of India on celluloid.

The team took a lot of pain to strengthen their knowledge on the great heritage on which India is standing tall. An in-depth study conducted on traditional Indian medical science, Ayurveda and its magical curing power. Various Ayurvedic treatment methodologies for curing Psoriasis, Paralysis, Snake Bite, and Juvenile Diabetics are shown in the movie. All these treatment methodologies are explained in the movie diseases and then started their researches to find out the methods to cure this.

DAM999 is a saga of love, lust and adventure of these nine characters who personify nine different emotions. Here the dam is symbolizing the walls of human mind, which obstructs the efflux of storming emotions in all of us. The nine lead roles in the movie is depicted through Navarasa (Nine Emotions) imbibed from the Natya Sastra written by Sage Bharatha. Therefore, the director and crew had to make a good study of this art of acting to elucidate the characters in the script. They also orchestrated a good research on the relationship between colours and emotion.

Navagrahas (nine planets), being an essential of Indian astrology is also having an important role among other elements of DAM999. It is believed that depending upon the position of nine planets in one person's horoscope, his/her future can be predicted. This is a widely accepted notion everywhere in India. With the help of experts in astrology, the team explored a lot through this vast topic and tried their best to bring out the gist before the audience.

The most important element in success of any cinema is the response from the audience. During the preproduction stage itself, Roy and his team had researched on the target audience, their way of thinking and also their feelings and reactions to a similar situation. This comprehensive research has helped the DAM999 team to sail smoothly to his destination even when it faced storming waves during the voyage. To them the route was clear. It is sure that all these hard works will be reflected in the movie and the project will be accepted worldwide.