• DAM999 and IMC

Maritime industry is the world's largest industry contributing to around 70% of the world trade. This industry has every luxury but is devoid of the feel of celluloid. Maritime industry is like an ocean of talents which requires a medium for exposure. With a vision to promote this industry's vast scope of activities to the general populace was introduced a Hollywood venture by BizTV Network FZE - DAM999. A debutant venture of Mr. Sohan Roy S.K. this movie is a revolutionary concept which will help the maritime industry put its best foot forward in the Hollywood industry. The marketing strategy for DAM999 is exceptional and innovative. The Movie targets the four main potential markets for its promotion, which is henceforth identified as:

1. The Universal Market.
2. Global Maritime Industry
3. The society that have faced the concerns and issues with DAM.
4. Asian Market that repeats the success of Slumdog Millionaire.

Out of the four, Global Maritime Industry is the most important one. Being a movie for the mariners, by a mariner, we believe that every mariner should experience DAM999. In the history of World Cinema it would be the first time that a Movie is all set to enter the market that holds a major share in controlling the economy of any country.

Maritime industry being a widespread industry it is almost impossible to target such a huge audience which is where another unique initiative of Marine BizTV comes into picture - the 'International Maritime Club' (IMC). IMC is a club formulated to bring together this wide spread industry under one roof by targeting maritime associations, clubs and decision makers of the industry. IMC aims 365 members with approx. 1 million associate members who will act as loyal viewers of this movie as it foretells their life to the core. IMC is one such targeted market for the movie which assures that the DAM999 will reach all the mariners for whom this movie has been crafted.

The movie will bring out the alluring charm and a real life screening of life at sea. DAM999 is a daring step towards the branding of the maritime industry, a stepping stone to showcase the world why the maritime world the best place to live.