• Ayurveda cures Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an auto immune disease that becomes visible on the skin; usually red, scaly patches are noticed on the affected. There are mainly five types of psoriasis; they are plaque, guttate, inverse, putsular, and erythrodermic. This disease can affect any part of the body including scalp. Though there are no particular reasons for psoriasis, sometimes hereditary factors and stress becomes considerable. This disease can occur at any age but is commonly seen in the starting stages of adultery. We have seen many make an affected individual an alien in his own society.

How Ayurveda cures Psoriasis

Did you know diseases which we consider as non curable can be cured by Ayurveda, an old medical concept of India Curing diseases by use of natural herbs is definitely more fruitful than relying on chemicals or the new generation medicines.

Ayurvedic treatment methodologies are considered as an effective treatment for curing psoriasis such as �Panchakarma� (five actions) can be considered as effective treatment for psoriasis. Panchakarma includes Nasya (nasal therapy), Vamana (vomiting), Virechana (purging), and two kinds of Vasti (enema). Panchakarma is meant to purify the body by eliminating the toxins. Detoxification of the body is considered as very essential for curing psoriasis. Diet restrictions should be maintained when the treatment for psoriasis is practiced. The patient has to follow complete vegetarian diet. From the researches done it is found that yogurt, chilies, black gram and excess salt should be avoided from the daily routine. Stress and infection can make psoriasis worse. Applying avocado oil gently on the affected part of the human body is considered as an effective treatment. Health mind is necessary for an effective treatment of psoriasis. Deep breathing and relaxation exercise will help to reduce stress.

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